The Moonshine Sessions

A collaboration between Gigantic Tickets and Alchemistic Records borne out of a shared commitment to live music aims to provide a platform for cutting edge global talent as well as showcase the best of the vibrant music scene in their home city of Nottingham.

January 10 2019

Sleaford Mods

This week are delighted to bring you Sleaford Mods! Featuring the articulate yet belligerent rage of Jason Williamson plus his partner in crime Andrew Fearn, the pair survey the decaying ruins of BREXIT Britain and give their testimony of how the powers that be are to blame, their account of how lives are being squandered through mismanagement and how modern life is basically a bit naff.

January 10 2019

Middle Kids

This week, we are joined by country tinged indie rock three-piece Middle Kids. This year has seen the release of Harry Day (drums), Hannah Joy (lead vocals, guitar) and her husband Tim Fitz (guitar) remarkable debut album ‘Lost Friends’ which broke the Top 10 in their home country of Australia.

January 8 2019

Husky Loops

Sometimes something special comes along, an act you can’t easily place with one specific sound or genre which makes the music totally compelling. Husky Loops are made up of schoolfriends Pier Danio Forni (vocals & guitar), Pietro Garrone (drums & samples) and Tommaso Medica (bass) who have reunited as students at the... read more

January 8 2019

Titus Andronicus

A punk-inflected indie rock group whose bawling, thrashing sound reflected a wide range of influences ranging from the Pixies to Bright Eyes to Bruce Springsteen, Glen Rock.

The Airing of Grievances, was first released by Troubleman Unlimited in 2008, for the band's impressive 2010 follow-up, The Monitor, T... read more

January 8 2019

Jimi Mack

Belfast born Jimi Mack is a 24 year-old singer songwriter based in Nottingham. His music combines inspirations of pastoral & coastal backdrops with city experiences to fuse melodious, crashing landscapes, while narrating candid yet whimsical ramblings. Sonically, inspiration comes from songwriters of the 60s & 70, tra... read more

January 8 2019

No Hot Ashes

Conceived through a love of 70s & 80s Disco & Funk they bring a contemporary twist on the genres with a seriously tight rhythm section, infectious funky guitar riffs and gritty, raw vocals with lyrics about love, heartache, getting pissed and politics. Having amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify and have suppor... read more

January 8 2019


Banfi are this weeks special guest in the Moonshine Sessions....We were delighted that the guys could come down to the studio for us while they were on tour to perform.